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Re: Comcast to cap newsgroup downloads?

Baron Reeve
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I could do a gigabyte in a hour standing on my dick. If they want to go out
of business well they should just declare soemthing like today we are going
out of business. They could also change their name to communistcast or
commycast. In today's day and age one gigabyte is a real laugher. Some people
do a more than one gigabyte in less than a minute.

Arnold Gallagher wrote:

> Someone in absm.spoken-word said that Comcast is looking to outsource its
> usenet service, and that a 1 gigabyte/month download cap is likely. Does
> anyone have any info on this?
> It seems to me that the chief benefit of broadband is binary groups; it's
> not that much faster for web pages, because you spend most of your time
> reading web pages, not waiting for huge j-pegs to download.
> A 1GB cap would make broadband, for me, essentially worthless. I'd have
> to go back to a $10/month dialup account and save $40/month. Yes, the
> guy who wrote
> > Guess what? You'll NEVER cancel Comcast, and they know it!

> is right in most cases. Inertia is strong...but $480/year is quite an
> incentive to get me off my duff!
> Yes, capping downloads at 1GB/month seems like a great way to cut
> expenses. It also seems like a great way to slash revenue.
> Anyone have any more information? Thanks.

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