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mysql crash: IE and missing CSS-background.image

Bernhard Sturm
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Hi group
Something I just discovered, and something that completely puzzles me:

I have a site under construction that is based on the CMS Joomla!. I use
my own written template which uses two CSS files for the design.
The page loads perfectly under firefox, but eats a lot of server
resources when visited with IE 6 or IE 7 beta.
After a request from IE on my local debian server the MySQL server slows
down for approx 2-5 minutes, and then recovers again.

I am able to shut down all sites on my hosting provider that are based
on mysql, by simply accessing the site with IE. (it's a shared hosting

I just discovered that while loading a page IE tries to load a
background-image defined in the CSS that does not exist (my fault).
After I have deleted the line with the missing background-image in my
CSS, there are no further server issues anymore...

Just curious: did anyone ever observed a similar behaviour? I can only
imagine that IE tries to fetch the image, and simultaneaously starts
requesting the joomla! CMS-DB which then in turn causes the mysql-server
into an overload... but that's just a well uneducated guess.

The test site is located under: (all in German and might be offline, due to

cheers for any replies

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