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Re: How to replace CMOS battery in Winbook X1?

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Yeah your battery is dead

"Mr. Nobody" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> wdg@[] writes:
> >My Winboox X1 keeps losing its CMOS settings everytime I disconnect the
> >power cord.

> >I've had the bottom cover off but didn't see the CMOS battery. What's
> >involved in replacing it?

> Slide the top edge of the speaker grille to the left about an inch, this
> will allow you to lift it off. Now tip the keyboard forward (toward you)
> and lift the metallic shield plate that was under it. The CMOS battery, a
> standard CR1220 Lithium (Radio Shack 23-18 type is located under a piece
> of black tape against the plastic rail of the DVD/CD Rom drive. Pop it out
> with a knife blade and push the new one in eith your finger. Reassemble in
> reverse order, make sure you get the edge tabs of the kbd under the
> plastic.
> >Also, this laptop has 128 megs of Ram. I'd like to replace that with 256
> >Megs but when I had the cover open all I saw was one stick of 64 megs

> >was removable. The remainder was soldered on to the motherboard. What are
> >my options?

> The first 64 Megs is hardwired in. The other piece is replaceable, so
> you're stuck with a basic 64. Various RAM upgrades are available that will
> take the X1 up to a maximum of 320 Megs. So to take it to 256 you'd need a
> stick of 192. 192 + the on-board 64 = 256. You may have trouble finding
> 192, however, as it's an uncommon size. Better off just to buy either a
> stick of 128 and end up with 192 total or buy a stick of 256 and end up
> with the system design limit of 320. Make sure you buy special laptop
> memory that's made to work in the X1. Desktop memory won't fit.

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