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Re: fatal exception 06 windows 98

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Do you have an old version McAfee or Norton antivirus running
at startup?

Error Message: A Fatal Exception 06 Has Occurred at...;en-us;190123

What Are Fatal Exception Errors;en-us;150314

Troubleshooting Fatal Exception Errors;150314#1

Fatal Exception Errors

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 21:12:55 +0100, in
<9A_Oa.608$(E-Mail Removed)>
jw++++ scrawled:

>my windows 98 ed2 freezes up after the first icon is clicked on. i get a
>message: a fatal exception 06 has occurred at 60007751.
>I have tried reinstalling win 98 from my start up CD, but i cannot get it to
>install properly. for instance it does not wipe off my existing outlook
>express. any advice please.... thanks j west

Basic computer maintenance
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