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George Bennett
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"George Bennett" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:befdls$sre$(E-Mail Removed)...

Discussion Questions

1. How does your understanding of your own learning style affect how you learn?

I have found my peak learning time to be in the afternoon as you can see from the graph:

And find that it gives me a challenge to what I can now accomplish into my standard as "a grouper," my topic will = principle = idea =concept.

2. How can the diversity of learning styles among your learning team members help or hinder your work together?

This can help the team have values in the community using education and cohesion of peers. Decisions will be based on top principles in place giving priorities to all in different Idea's dealing in one ground level concept.

3. Why are correct mechanics important in the writing process?

This helps you make a point more clearer for what you wish to write that, it can be sorted out in details to the full value and can be easily understood. Writing mechanics are critical to good writing, including:

1. Grammar

2. Spelling

3. Punctuation

4. Structure;

5. Word usage; and

6. Syntax and semantics.

How does your choice of words influence the message you wish to convey?

My choice of words demonstrate the values of what I am conveying

4. What is your team environment at your workplace?

The environment is quite hostile for the up coming young people there are opportunities now arising and need assertive measures to ensure the survival of a team.

5. What role(s) do you typically play within a team?

My role is to:

Focus productively on student's ability

Bring thoughts and ideas together concerning ideas and skills

To assist the development by supporting with advises on study skills

6. Will you have to change your style to be effective in your Learning Team, or will your style be useful?

My style will have use for the monitoring of the activities ton develope confidence in my own practices. In the diversity of different communities of different cultures and background in which we work, there is a need for good learning styles.

7. When would a Boolean search be most appropriate?

When connections between cooperatives and the lack of knowledge to obtain adequate space then this approach can be feasible additional way to a new idea.

8. When would you use a Wildcard search?

When I am in a library.

10. How might different learning styles approach online searching differently?

Let us be able to move to different web sights more quickly, and have access at peek at peek hours.

9. How do different learning styles come into play with team interaction?

Yours success will increase dramatically when you:

1. Enjoy more when you are in the mood.

2. Make better use of your valley times.

3. Learn faster and more naturally because you wont be fighting resistance due to fatigue or discomfort.


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