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On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 22:06:23 GMT, Ralph <alice.bangzoom@moon> wrote:

>>>rattle>>On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 03:06:32 GMT, nunya <(E-Mail Removed)> proclaimed:
>>>rattle>>>>What is this? Before I moved everything onto this new HD I had 4
>>>rattle>>>>gigs of mp3s and now I have 4 gigs of found.000. Can anyone help?

>What "found.000, found.001 etc" is, is a folder full of lost or
>fragments of files that windows does not know what to do with.
>Normally, if you shut down power to the computer when windows is in
>the middle of writing a file, that file is either corrupted or
>incomplete. Windows will usually truncate, that is snip off, the
>corrupted part of it and leave the rest as a "found" entity.
>Unless you can read and decode hex, those files are for all intents
>and purposes, lost.
>Other times, if you move something from one drive to another in which
>the file allocation tables or file formatting is different (FAT16,
>FAT32, NTFS, etc) and windows does not know what to do with it, it
>will "find" the data, but cannot give it back to you in any
>recognizable form.
>If the data is important, then you need to find some way to do a disk
>recovery, which is something that I know absolutely nothing about. You
>may be able to convert the files back with a third party program like
>partition magic but again, I really don't know enough about this to
>give an opinion on course of action.
>Checkdisk or scandisk is the method that windows uses to identify
>these file fragments, crosslinks, or unknown data types, and preserves
>the remnants as "" entities. It does this to ensure the
>integrity of future read and write processes onto and from the disk,
>while not erasing any remnants of data that you could potentially
>reconstruct files from. If it finds such unreadable files, it simply
>labels them, but It will not recover or restore the data.
>Good luck

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