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Re: cold, damp weather....

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kay & wand wrote:

> have an old propretory edit system (sony proprietory) runs on a
> pent 200 (yes, it's old but its excellent) - in cold weather (and
> especially damp) i have system hard drive error, ie., hd failure / no
> hd. leave it on to warm up and i get it back.
> other than changing hd, what can i do about it? ie. heat up the room
> for a couple of hours? blow heater on box?
> any suggestions most welcome. other than getting a new system! this
> works brilliantly other than the 'cold start'....
> leslie

It seems it would have to be rather cold, indeed, to produce
symptoms like this. Like, knee-knocking, see-your-breath, cold. The
possibility of humidity seems more likely.
Is the room well-ventilated? If it's a case of being actually damp
(condensation visible nearby), you could consider a space-heater, or
dehumidifier. Of course, electronics and water don't mix well, so you'd
want to stay as far as possible from kitchens and bathrooms; and just
keep an airflow moving.
"And don't boil a kettle at your desk."

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