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Re: Popups are STILL killing me

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"Jerry" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<SJSNa.31154$(E-Mail Removed)>. ..
I tried to read the whole thread (19 articles). I hope i didn't miss
anything. Keep going to those porn sites but stay away from our
daughters though! Here's what you need. Spywareblaster. Spybot will
clean up your HD/reg.
will prevent the stuff from getting in in the first place. I find that
spybot doesn't find anything anymore, whilst spywareblaster works in
the background. config can be a little tricky, especially if you value
your prefs at some websites such as excite, yahoo, etc. You can tell
it to turn off the protection at those places. We will help you
through this. It's like wearing a full computerbody condom. No need to
thank me. Send a few bucks to the inventor. Cheers

p.s. You will no longer be killed. You may, however, go blind.......
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"O.Phooey" > I tried to read the whole thread (19 articles).
Amazing, I only have seven (7) total, including the original post.

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In news:(E-Mail Removed) om,
O.Phooey <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> "Buffalo" <eric(nospam)> wrote in message
> news:<jC_Na.52911$Xm3.13563@sccrnsc02>...
>> "O.Phooey" > I tried to read the whole thread (19 articles).
>> Amazing, I only have seven (7) total, including the original post.

> I read with (free to read and pretty current) and post
> with Google (free, but none too current). I saw your reply on the
> former, but not the latter. I could post a reply to the latter though
> your message is not there yet. Time shifting is really cool, but
> confusing as hell.
> p.s. i see your post on google now....there are 20 replies to the
> original thread,and about 7 to the new one.

Google normally delays posts by a couple of hours, minimum.



However, "Buffalo" was using Outlook Express with an NNTP service... and
it's almost guaranteed that OE simply ignored those 12 posts.

Hey Buffalo! Complain to Removed) and get them to tell you
what the trouble is with OE. Hint: watch the "unread messages" counter
next to the newsgroup folder your'e fetching from... I'll bet it said "19"
(or 19 more than previous) and then suddenly changed to "7" ( or suddenly 12
less) before fetching the messages/headers.


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