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Re: Popups are STILL killing me

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The software combination below is capable of stopping ALL

Outpost Firewall

Crazy Browser


Proxomitron configurations

On Sun, 06 Jul 2003 10:20:34 GMT, in
<SJSNa.31154$(E-Mail Removed)>
Jerry scrawled:

>Well, I want to thank most of you. I have tried just about every suggestion
>offered. The guy from Dell
>doesn't particularly like working at McDonalds, but hell, who does?
>I downloaded Finagle and it not only gave me the white screen it talks about
>but when I re booted
>it gave me a green background with a ripple effect and then locked up my
>I now have a hard disk half filled with pop up killers, spyware and adware
>removers, and just about every other program
>suggestged. HOWEVER, while most of them work and kill a particular pop up
>in its own fashion it doesn't do much
>good because if I go to the next site and/or reboot there it is again.
>As for the suggestion that I not go to porn sites, that would be like asking
>Brittany to cover her
>belly button. I would just as well join the Dell guy at McDonalds.
>What I need is not a pop up killer per se, but a program that will find the
>damn files that are obviously
>embedded someplace in my machine and eliminate them from my computer.
>Any other bright ideas?
>(E-Mail Removed)

Basic computer maintenance
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