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Re: Ahhhhhhh BSOD!!!

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Fourth post about the same problem - go back and read replies,
and please stop making new threads.

On Sat, 05 Jul 2003 22:47:45 +0100, in
<(E-Mail Removed)>
Bob scrawled:

>I was happily running WinME (boo I hear you cry!!) until the following
>happened. A Logitech WebCam was plugged in an unpowered USB hub, which
>at the time had a external ADSL modem attached. this caused the first
>Fatal exception IOS (01) + 0000186E Error 0E:0028: C003BF52.
>Both the webcam and modem are attached to the motherboard USB ports.
>This seemed to solved the problem.
>However my Nero CD software stopped working properly and the above
>error message continued.
>IE6 started to produce error reports on a regular basis and finally
>the PC crashed, not even restore could get the machine up and running
>I decided to do a clean install, but use Win98SE as the OS. Everything
>was going fine, I was installing my applications, rebooting and
>testing. But I have a number of error messages since.
>Fatal exception OE 016F: BFF9DFFF
>This one often appears when on the 'net and using IE6.
>In addition, I had to replace my FDD and at the same time I added a
>stick of RAM to my PC, taking the usual anti-static precautions. The
>memory is showing in the system details in the control panel.
>I have also experienced the following, in no particular order and I
>cannot understand why:
>Fatal exception 0E at 0028:C0005257 in VXD VMM(01) + 00004257.
>Fatal exception 0E at 0028:0000009
>Fatal exception 0E at 016F:BFF88396
>Fatal exception 0E at 0028:C004F015 in VXD VCASHE (01) + 00000775
>Fatal exception 0D at 0246:014F477FB

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