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Re: Comcast propaganda

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I found the registry key to change the message. It's in HKEY CURRENT USER -
Software - Microsoft - Internet Explorer - Main. It's called "Windows
Title" and it's simple, editable text. Now I have a follow-up question: If
a registry does not HAVE that key, it is ok to create it and put a message
in that active title bar? I mean, will it hurt anything?
Thanks for the input!

"WCH" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:KejMa.1003$(E-Mail Removed) ...
> Comcast recently bought our cable internet provider. By making it nearly
> impossible to find information to manually reset your newsgroup settings
> they essentially force you to install their "transition" software (or
> whatever they call it).
> Now, in the active title bar of EVERY SINGLE WEB PAGE I browse to, it says
> "Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Comcast High-Speed Internet".
> How can I get rid of this message? It's not like Comcast is doing me some
> big favor -- I pay over $50 a month for the service. I don't have the

> to spare to listen to their noodlehead techs evade the question. Putting
> their unsolicited advertisement in my active title bar is no better than a
> popup ad or spam. Can someone tell me how to get rid of it?

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