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Re: tweak older monitors

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"WCH" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> I rebuild older computers for donations. Many of the 14" monitors I

> have perfectly good images, adequate resolutions but won't "stretch" to

> the screen horizontally. I can manually adjust the desktop to go from one
> edge to the other but can't get it stretch all the way, either with manual
> monitor settings or software.
> I'm hoping there's some stable freeware program that will help me wring a
> little more out of these monitors, so at least the users gets all they can
> from the small screen they have. I know this is very low end, but I'd
> appreciate any help I could get.
> TIA -- WC

i rebuild a lot of old machines too & have observed the same thing.
as best as i have been able to determine...
the problem has nothing to do with the operating system, so there is
no software which would help.

sometimes there are internal adjustments but due to the high voltage present
*even with the monitor unplugged* it's better not to fool with it

at any rate, even with a black border, those old monitors can still serve a
usful function

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