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Re: Norton Ghost help

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"Rover" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> If this is the wrong newsgroup, please direct me to the correct one.
> I'm trying to use Norton Ghost 2001 on a Win ME machine to clone my 25
> gig drive to another machine (running Win9 I have on a LAN at home. I
> CAN get Ghost to create a boot disk to clone to my local CD writer, but
> after 13 CDs it had a write error and quit; I'd like to go the LAN
> route. I CANNOT get Ghost to create a bootable diskette using the
> TCP/IP peer-to-peer. The selection of standard NIC cards doesn't
> include my card and none of the options I've used seem to work.
> Any ideas?


download a packet driver or ndis2 driver for your nic, then create a ghost
network boot disk using one of these drivers - do the same for the other pc
on the lan, give the boot disks different ip address ( &
will do ) and both disks subnet masks of and then you have a
simple tcp/ip peer-to-peer network - the master will contain the drive you
wish to clone, the slave will be the destination for the clone


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