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Re: what exactly is the point of spam filters?

the real TOMMY Tutalidge
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They are for suckers. I myself spend almost 24 hours a day answering fan mail
from my fan clubs around the world. You never know what could get deleted by
mistake and we don't want that to happen. I think everyone should set aside some
time each day to read their couple of tidbits.

AntoineD wrote:

> I am using mail washer and yes, it does filter the spam and I can choose to
> delete it, create a blacklist and bounce the mail back (9 out of 10 times
> the bounce will fail).
> So first I check mail washer then OE.
> Isn't it quicker to just check mail on OE as as usual and simply delete the
> spam? Usually the header is a good clue if it is spam or not.
> A spam killer does not stop YOU from getting spam, it just makes you get an
> extra software, you still have to check your mail, delete etc..... It does
> not automate anything really. It actually adds an extra step to getting your
> mail.
> In the past I have used the spam killer from McAffee... same thing, really.
> Will these programmes ever stop spam getting into your server to begin with?
> So far I doubt it...
> or am I missing the point altogether? Enlightenment welcome.
> Regards
> Antoined

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