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Re: Hi from Rick!

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Robert Schumacher wrote:

> On a fine, fine Hawaii day in
> news:O28La.40854$(E-Mail Removed) t,
> rhet1957 <(E-Mail Removed)> banged out the following:
>> Hi Cheryl,
>> Good luck with your job, it is very tough going to work under thoughs
>> conditions.OK, you want to know a little bit about me. I have a 14yr
>> old son by the name Jordan.I see him every other weekend.I gave him a
>> cell phone so he can always contact me if he needs his good old

> Cell phone for kid - $40/month
>> dad.We just got back a few weeks ago from a vacation on old historic
>> Route 66.Jordan studied the map and layed out our destination,we had a
>> blast we went to small diners and old motels,it was very

> Trip on Route 66 - $600
>> nostalgic.I believe in doing things as a family and giving more and
>> more decisions to the young adults.They seem to thrive with
>> confidence when their decisions are taken in account.I seem to like
>> the same things that you do Cheryl I like
>> gardening,walks,cuddling,movies,weekend getaways,and I love trying new
>> restaurants.I was married for 17 years before my ex fell in love

> Movie and dinner at a new restaurant - $50
>> with one of her coworkers.Enough about that.I didn't plan on being in
>> this position but ,neither did you.I would like to know your favorite
>> movies,food, and favorite vacation spot. Can't wait to hear from you
>> ....Rick

> Sending an email intended for a prospective date to a Usenet newsgroup -
> Priceless.
> There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there are
> separate programs for email and newsgroups, and MasterCard...the
> official card 24hoursupport.helpdesk and those folks who are going to be
> royally embarrassed when they realize what they have done.


Can someone say "best of usenet"? }:O)

Awesome, Robert! Just great... Hehehe!


For targeting purposes: Lat: 50 19' 48" N Lon: 105 33' 29" W
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