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Re: quick questions regarding Athlon XP

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As long as it's a Cooler Master 'retail', you'll be fine. Their retail
sinks are badass. Just make sure it's not OEM. Their OEM sinks leave a bit
to be desired.

If it's retail, you won't even need the thermal grease, trust me.

- stood up, at show-n-tell, and said:

> I intend to buy:
> Athlon XP 2600+ 2.08Ghz SoA - 333FSB
> & Cooler Master SoA XP 2600+
> (
> 1) What does the 'SoA' in the title of the processor mean?
> 2) Would I need any thermal paste? If so, will I get any included
> with the Cooler Master fan & heatsink kit?
> 3) Will the processor fit fine into this motherboard:
> Gigabyte SoA VIA KT400 ATX A
> TIA!

I'm sorry. Apparently, I'm feeling a little too psychotic this morning.

-The main character in Postal 2

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