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Show related links in IE6

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When I go to "tools" "show related links" a new SHEARCH window opens up. It
used to show the sites related to the one I had open what happened????

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Eeek! You use the Alexa 'What's related' spying feature?
Do you realise your browsing habits are being followed?

You can perform a 'what's related' on a web page quite
easily with a little javascript bookmarklet. Copy the
following into your address bar - do NOT press enter,
and it is all one line:


Now drag the link onto your LINKS bar - ignore any warning
errors. Rename it to something useful, like Google Related.
This only works on real web pages, NOT search results.

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 17:32:40 GMT, in
gregory.grady scrawled:

>When I go to "tools" "show related links" a new SHEARCH
>window opens up. It used to show the sites related to the
>one I had open what happened????

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