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Re: reoccuring spyware folder

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"Andy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:hMCJa.19675$(E-Mail Removed) ...
> I have a spyware and aware remover program. When I surf the net I have

> Spy Watch automatically activated and its gets rid of the "bad" cookies.

> also keep finding a file in Windows File named amcdl on about 3/4
> occasions. Same folder over and over. It just kept coming back and back

> my hardrive. So the next time I did a scan, I found that the folder was
> back again in Windows. I went to Windows and there's no folder. SO, I
> "unhid" all files and sure enough it showed up. I let the spyware program
> remove and sure enough when I accessed Windows again it was STILL THERE

> only the single content missing. I deleted the file and it now sits in my
> bin.
> My question is how can this keep happening over and over again? Is it a
> particular site I'm visiting or could I get something like spyware through
> email?
> I've yet to see if there will be another folder made into my Windows

> It'll be interesting to see if another one makes it into my files.
> Thanks to anyone who has any idea of what's going on.
> yielded as its third hit.
You'll have to clean it out of the registry.

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