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Re: Anonymous posting

Mr. H
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      06-23-2003 Removed) (Dan Edmonds) wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed). com>...
> I'm pretty new to newsgroups, and recently a mate in Sydney
> recommended I give this anonymizer thing a go, he reckoned it was
> pretty good at keeping you safe on the net. Trouble is, when I posted
> a reply to someone in this group, he told me to "**** off troll" I'm
> not sure what a troll is, but it don't take an Einstein to figure out
> it isn't something you want to be. Is it not OK to buy stuff like
> Anonymizer? Will everybody think I'm a troll if I keep posting through
> Google and Anonymizer? My mate said that if I used Anonymizer and
> posted from Google I could keep spam out of my account.
> Should I just forget it, and use Outlook Express to post from my
> ordinary account instead? I don't want to **** anybody off, I just
> want to be safe and private, if I can.

You are safe what can anyone do over a computer apart from attempt to
hurt your feelings. Don't give where you live to anyone, use a
different name (or several if you have split personalitys like the
obergines that live in the monkey house). If your email requires your
adress give a false one. A troll is some one like me.
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