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Re: networked modem

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I have used this program to do what you want to do.

BTW you will still need AV on the second box as a virus can pass right by
the AV on the first box. If you do not use email on the second box and keep
Windows updated you might get by as most Virus come in the mail now.

"jdog" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> I am trying to set up access to the internet through another computer, on

> peer to peer network setup, and have not had any luck. The system with

> modem is a dell dimension 500mhz , WIN2K, that I have running Norton VP

> firewall. The one I want to run through it is a Dell Precision 2x1G xeon,
> running XP Pro. I am using the Percision for media work, and do not want

> slow it down with adding the virus protection etc. I managed to set up the
> peer, but can not seem to get the Internet access going. Any help would

> great. Thanks. jd

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