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Re: Search function in Win XP

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Windows XP - Search Problems

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 21:21:59 GMT, in
<X%3Ja.2056$(E-Mail Removed)>
Jim Beaver scrawled:

>I think I must be doing something wrong, because the search function in Win
>XP doesn't seem very thorough at all. In previous Windows versions, the
>search function would bring up every single file that contained my search
>string, i.e., I could search for the letters "eab" (in that order) and get a
>list of thousands of files. Now, with XP (and a different sort of
>interface, the one with the picture of the browsing dog), I can do the same
>search and come up with four or five files. Sometimes I search for a
>document located somewhere on my hard drive, searching by the name of the
>person addressed in the document, and come up with nothing. Yet while
>browsing lists of documents in various files, I will then find the document
>by accident, and it will contain one and sometimes several instances of the
>name I'd searched for. There are documents on my HD that I KNOW contain
>certain words, yet neither a "Search all documents" nor a "Search all files"
>(even "Search all hidden files too") will turn the document up. What's the
>Jim Beaver

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