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Read/ Update/ write XML using Dataset()
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I have a wierd XML file

<CommercialName>Agent Name</CommercialName>
<Addr1>690 A Ave</Addr1>

As you can see, I cant figure ou how many tbles I am supposed to asume,
or read a first. I need to daisplay this Document on a form, and the
Update it with new values uing A DataSet.
I can read tables like
foreach(DataRow dr in XmlDs.Tables["HomeP"].Rows)
Response.Write("0 ele of "+tname+"= "+dr[0]+"<br>");

But how do I get to know wether there is a table later or a row?
and XmlDs.Tables["HomeP"].Rows.Count;

gives me 1 ????
How do I go about here?
plz help

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