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fault element in operation but not in binding
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Hi All,

I have a portType such as this:

<portType name="CMLeJobSoapGetEmpBrand">
<operation name="EJobGetEmpBrand">
<input message="tns:EJobEmpBrdReq" name="EJobEmpBrdReq"/>
<output message="tns:EJobGetEmpBrdRes" name="EJobGetEmpBrdRes"/>
<fault message="tns:Fault" name="Fault"/>

and a binding to match it:

<binding name="MS_ALPHA_EJOB_PRJHTTP_SOAP_Binding_GetEmpBra nd"
<soap:binding style="document"
<operation name="EJobGetEmpBrand">
<soapperation style="document" soapAction=""/>
<input name="EJobEmpBrdReq">
<soap:body encodingStyle=""
parts="EJobEmpBrdReqBody" use="literal"/>
<output name="EJobGetEmpBrdRes">
<soap:body encodingStyle=""
parts="EJobGetEmpBrdResBody" use="literal"/>

My question is this: the operation in the portType defines a fault
message which is not mirrored in the binding element. Does this matter?
Could this mean that if a parser found a fault message it wouldn't
expect it - and thus find itself in error?

My problem is that my Java parser is throwing an exception:
java.lang.Exception: WSWS3379E: Error: Prefix is undefined.
The response message was a FAULT and the error sounds like it was
trying to parse an element it didn't expect - and the binding element
above doesn't mention FAULT.

Thanks for any advice!


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