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XSL / XML: Syntax for calling

Alan Searle
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I hope someone can help me with this simple question ...

I have a set of XML files which the users can open and view with the
formatting set by a single XSL file. This works great.

In the XSL file I have some processing using javascript. This also
works fine and, for example, the users can run some simple sorting using
the following call to javascript (also contained in the XSL):

<td class="top" onclick="sort('job_id');">Job</td>

Now I would like to pluck out some information from the XML and display
this in the header and, for this, I have written another little
javascript program called getheader(). I am trying to include this as a
simple display (i.e. without any clicking or activation) and am not sure
of the syntax.

For example, should it be ...

This ...


.... or this ...


.... or this ...


.... or something else completely?

Here I find that IE falls over on the call so I think that I need to be
sure that I am calling my code correctly before I can start debugging it.

I am a bit embarrassed asking this simple question: I have found lots of
great examples on the internet but find that that often don't explain
how the procedures are called ... and I am a bit of a newbie to
javascript and XML.

Anyway, I hope that someone can help me or can point me towards a good
'HOWTO' or tutorial somewhere?

Many thanks for your help.

Alan Searle
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