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searching xsd for certain types
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I am new to xsd, any help is greatly appreciated. I will have
customers define xsd. In there they will designate an attribute to be
of certian type (e.g some:transid). When I see this in the xsd I have
to create that attribute (if not already exists) and assign transaction

XSD look something like :
<xs:schema xmlnss=""
<xs:element name="Item" >
<xs:attribute name="transaction_id" type="some:transid"

customer defined xml looks like:

<Item name="whatever name">

I add this attribute

<Item name="whatever name" transaction_id="12345678">

This is a made up example, but convey the point. The problem is I dont
know how to search xsd for attributes of type some:transid. I can have
them set type="some:transid". Customers can declare this at root node
or any sub node. I can parse the DOM tree figuring out each attribute
value of every node to see if there is a type=some:transid. But this
will kill me when the document is large. I am assuming there is a
better way to search xsd for attributes/element of certain type. Any
better ways to do this ?.



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