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XSL-FO watermark

Keith Davies
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Hi All,

a friend wants to create a PDF (using XSL-FO) that contains a watermark
that covers the entire page.

<fo:block background-image='...'> surrounding the content of the flow
almost works, except that it covers *only* where there is content as
opposed to the entire page.

A common technique for achieving this goal is to put the watermark in
the header or footer, positioned such that it will fill the entire page.
How is this done in XSL-FO, and/or is there a better way?

The current attempt has

<foage-region extent='0in' overflow='visible' />

in the page master, then

<fo:external-graphic src='...' />

in the page-sequence (all things pointing to each other appropriately,

I think I'm just missing something here, but can't see what it is.

Keith Davies "Always code as if the guy who ends up Removed) maintaining your code is a psychopath
(E-Mail Removed) who knows where you live." -- Damian Conway
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