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Always get a null exception while useing XPATH Saxon-8b
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I always get a null exception while using XPATH Saxon-8b. I am using
this for the first time.

My xml document is:
<foo xmlns="default-namespace">
<ns1:bar xmlns:ns1="namespace1-uri" xmlns="namespace1-uri">
<ns2:baz xmlns:ns2="namespace2-uri"/>
<ns3:hi xmlns:hi="namespace3-uri">

XPATH expression is /foo/a:bar/b:baz
java code is:

String xpathExpr = "/foo/a:bar/b:baz";

XPathFactory xpf =
XPathFactory.newInstance(NamespaceConstant.OBJECT_ MODEL_SAXON);
catch( javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactoryConfigurationException exception
System.out.println( "Exception XPathFactory.newInstance" );

StandaloneContext context = new StandaloneContext();
NamespaceContext namespaceContext = new
InputSource is = new InputSource(xmlExpr);
SAXSource ss = new SAXSource(is);
XPathEvaluator xpe = new XPathEvaluator();

String result = null;
result = xpe.evaluate(xpathExpr, ss);
catch( javax.xml.xpath.XPathExpressionException exception )
System.out.println( exception.getCause() );

Any suggestions would be of great help.


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