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XSL-FO table problem

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The XML document is created dynamically. I need to convert
it in PDF format. Actually, this is a huge table with data.
I don`t know in advance, how much columns it will have. I
apply XSL-FO style-sheet. And use table-layout=auto property
of the table. But the problem is that is seems to me that
table is created with the same column width taken to fill
the table like ( column-width = table-width / col.number).
And contents of some cells overflow cell borders.
keep-together.within-column doesn`t help. So my question is,
how I need to prepare my style-sheet to handle automatic
column width like it is in HTML. The table width is set on
100%. I don`t know a'priori how much columns will be. And
how to configure hyphenation. The language is German and
with short words hyphenation does well but with long names
and long e-mail addresses it has a really big problem. Hence
a lot of cells are overflowed.
Transformation is performed by FOP. I've googled a lot
and noticed that FOP doesn`t support table-layout=auto. But
in my case there were no errors in the log.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Hi Kliest,

i too have the exact same problem. First off it is purely as a result
of FOP (and in my case Chive Apoc) not supporting "table-layout=auto".
This problem you are having is quite common and is address on a lot of
forums. The usual approach is to insert zero-width spaces or
non-breaking spaces (&#x200B in long strings of data. The processor
should break the string when a cell boundary is approached and
otherwise ignore the zero-width spaces. I have however found that with
Apoc the space is actually rendered!

For further info on using zero-width spaces for this problem see the
following :

Hope this helps in some way!


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