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Re: Newbie, HTML calling XSLT
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Clive wrote:

> I am new to XML, XSLT and know little HTML - so this may be a very
> naive question.

(sorry for the thread creep that crept in and didn't answer your

It's one of those awkward questions that is undefined. The W3C spec is
clear on most of XSLT and so the tools work and work well and
consistently as far as they're defined. However there are large areas
that were simply never defined (nor did they need to be) and these are
still vague and platform dependent.

What an XSLT transform engine _does_ is clear. _How_ you call one and
tell it to do things is not. Nor should it be, as it could depend a lot
on how this is implemented (is this a piece of code called on a server,
or is it a stylesheet attached to a document?)

You should look at the docs on whatever transform engine you're using.
Some have more support for parameters than others.

In particular, the more capable ones server-side will have support for
loading a stylesheet and caching it (slow) and using it for transforms
(quite fast) as a separate operation. This way the same stylesheet can
be kept loaded and re-used quickly. This will tend to encourage the use
of parameters as inputs through a specific API (interface) when you're
calling it from your code.

> For an exercise, I would like to write a simple HTML page that calls
> XSLT and passes it parameters.

In the worst case (maybe client-side browser code), XSLT is just an XML
document. Load it up, treat it as a DOM document, modify the parameter
values (JavaScript and MSXML.DOMDocument) as if they were simply data
and then use the results as your stylesheet.

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