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XML experts needed

Wim Hoogenraad
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Dear developer,

Do you often wonder who built a certain website and how it is done? And who
manages that website right now?

Strange, but developers usually stay anonymous while they should present
themselfs to get more orders.
We have been working on a website to change this situation: It's a special Searchengine that lookes for
Webpersons, not for Websites.

We want as many webpersons as possible to join us. So that visitors can
search for somebody who will do the job for them. If they find that person
they can view his/her profile and portfolio. They can search on keywords,
skills or location.

For you, the developer, it can be useful when you are looking for someone to
complete your team or project. You can create your own network of

We ask people with various skills to join us! For example webmasters,
webdesigners, graphical designers, DBA's, site-owners, marketingmanagers,
frontpage users, contentmanagers, etc. etc.

I know you are active on the internet yourself, thats why I'm asking you to
join. Your membership is free offcourse and you can leave at anytime.

So join us now ! And help us and yourself to fill this network of
sitebuilders. Send this e-mail to other webpeople you know. They can join
your network and benifit from WebmastersLookup to.

The url is , click on 'Join us'.

Thank you for reading this e-mail.

Kind regards,

Wim Hoogenraad Removed)

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Joris Gillis
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Tempore 19:08:54, die Friday 29 July 2005 AD, hinc in foro {comp.text.xml} scripsit Wim Hoogenraad <(E-Mail Removed)>:

> The url is , click on 'Join us'.

The idea sounds great.

But you'd better find yourself a webmaster first to redesign the site (
- It does not validate.
- Inline styling with font tags? Common...
- Nested tables for layout? Spacers?
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td width="1"><img border="0" src="spacer.jpg" width="1" height="4000"></td>
- Frames? Okay, that one is defendable
- . Ever heard of inheritance?

Don't get me wrong, no offense to the author.
[Maar om een site te zijn die Webmasters wil engageren is de code toch wel veel te slordig...]

Joris Gillis (
Vincit omnia simplicitas
Keep it simple

P.S. The skills list is too limited. Should include 'XHTML' and 'XSLT'...
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