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xsl:function does abort just after the call of the function

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Hi !
I'm writing a new xsl:function, which uses two other functions. But by
the call of the first function, it would be abort just after the call.
Not even the xslaram would be set.
I don't have any idea, why this works like this. Could you please help
me ?

Here my xsl-code:

<xsl:function name="rsh:bestanden">
<xslaram name="studiumTyp" as="xs:string"/>
<xslaram name="kursTyp" as="xs:string"/>
<xsl:variable name="minPunkte"

<xsl:variable name="summeECTSPunkte">
<xsl:variable name="kursID" select="@ref"/>
<!--The call of the rsh:noteByKursID...does not work! Why ???-->
<xsl:variable name="kursNote"
<xsl:if test="$kursNote != 'F'">
<xsl:when test="sum($summeECTSPunkte/*) &lt; $minPunkte">
<xsl:sequence select="'false'"/>
<xsl:sequence select="'true'"/>

<xsl:function name="rsh:noteByKursID">
<xslaram name="parKursID" as="xs:string"/>
select="$person-ref/var[position()=var[node()=$parKursID] +

<xsl:function name="rsh:ECTSPunkteByKursID">
<xslaram name="kursID" as="xs:string"/>
<xsl:variable name="lektionen"
<xsl:sequence select="if($lektionen &gt;= 12) then($lektionen
div 12) else(0)"/>


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