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Wanna make some dough? I need some FO docs created.

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Hey, y'all.

I've got some XSL files I need to fomat for PDF creation.
Unfortunately, I'm on the steep side of the learning curve, and I'm
workin' under a deadline. It's only 20 pages long, and hell, even if
someone could do the first couple or three, we could work with those to
create the rest.

I can give you an XML file with some data to render against, and the
XSL/HTML for the display version of these docs. Formatting is very
important to us, so we need FO files that'll generate some clean PDFs
that adhere to our templates exactly.

I'm pretty sure that this'd be a snap for someone with some experience
in coding FO docs. So if you wanna be well-compensated for a couple of
hours work, lemme know.

My email address is


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What's FO docs though? Can you give me some example?

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Malcolm Dew-Jones
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      04-02-2005 Removed) ((E-Mail Removed)) wrote:
: What's FO docs though? Can you give me some example?

I assume he wants to use XSL-FO to format his source documents as PDF

So "FO docs" is presumably an informal term that refers to any of the
files (i.e. documents) that are written or produced as part of that


This space not for rent.
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