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[ANNOUNCE] XBinder v1.1 Schema Compiler Release
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We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of the XBinder
XML schema to C/C++ data binding compiler. A free evaluation version
can be downloaded from

XBinder is a C/C++ data binding framework that is similar to Java
applications such as JAXB or Castor. It generates structures and/or
classes that are equivalent to the types defined within an XML schema.
It also generates encoders, decoders, and validation functions/methods
that operate on variables of these structures making it possible to
serialize program data to and from XML.

The following new features have been added:

- Addition of C/C++ Validation Code Generation.

- Numeric Date/Time Types.

- Control over floating point decimal formats using patterns and
configuration settings.

- Fault tolerant decoding in which decoding will not fail if the
input data does not match the schema exactly.

- Support for XSD substitution groups.

- Capability for generating fragment encoders.

- Elimination of the use of C++ exceptions to allow porting to
environments that do not support exceptions.

- Addition of a new, cross-platform GUI wizard.

In addition, many bugs were fixed that dealt with compilation errors
and omissions for subtle, hard-to-detect schema items. Extensive
profiling was also done on the SAX handlers generated for decoding
and validation and we were able to improve performance by about 50%
to 100% on average in this area.

More information and free evaluation downloads of the product are
available from our web-site: or you can E-mail us
at Removed).

The Objective Systems Team

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