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XML Schema pattern problem with regular expressions

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For the life of me, I can't create a working regular expression for a
schema pattern to do the following:

Validates if an entire word does NOT match the entire word in the

For example, in the pattern the word my be "foo". If the word "foo" is
in my XML it should fail. If any other word, such as "cat" or "foot" or
"barfoo" is in the XML, it should pass.

The closest I've come for the regular expression in the pattern is

The only problem is it invalidates anything starting with "foo" that
contains other characters such as "foobar". "Foobar" should pass while
the ONLY string that shouldn't is "foo".

Anyone know how I can do this in the W3 Schema regular expression

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Joris Gillis
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Tempore 17:30:10, die Friday 25 February 2005 AD, hinc in foro {comp.text.xml} scripsit Jeff <(E-Mail Removed)>:

> Validates if an entire word does NOT match the entire word in the
> pattern.

In Perl regex, you would do "^foo$" to match only "foo" and nothing else. The "^foo$" still needs a negation, because it does exactly the opposite of your requirement.

I think their should be a likewise functionality in W3 Schema regular expression.

Joris Gillis (
"Φιλήκοον ειναι μαλλον η φιλόλαλον" - Κλεόβουλος
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