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Standard for simple database exchange?
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This has got to be a FAQ some place, but....

Say I've got a table in some database some place, like so:
(Actually, it's several tables kind of turned sideways, but
for purposes of this question it may as well be this, because
this is the intended target)

flast First Last

At first it looks like a tab file would work, (and indeed, it would,
except that data may contain \n or \t)

What I'm looking for is a *standard* way to produce something simple,
like this:

<table name="PERSONS">
<field label="User ID" name="UID">flast</field>
<field label="First Name" name="FNAME">first name</field>
<field label="Last Name" name="LNAME">last name</field>

But I want the XML to follow a DTD that is commonly used for importing
simple data. Something I can just hand someone and ideally their database
already handles it, or, they can install a tool in <2 minutes for it.

Would be nice if it allowed for file attachments, like:

<field label="Extra documentation" name="description" content_type="application/pdf" filename="somefile.pdf">
... base64 encoded data ...

But it's not strictly required, I'd rather produce simple XML with just the
filename. (Simplicity is the key here, 99% of the time there won't be files,
and if the format allowed base64 encoding and BLOBS, I could always generate
additional fields for that purpose)

Where would I find a specification for that? I've tried google, but all I've
found are tools designed to be *configured* for a wide variety of XML.

-- Custom web programming Removed) (rot13) User Management Solutions
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