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Patent 863 blocks Web Services - Open Source implications

Lane Friesen
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I've developed a new form of client-based, secure 'Web Memory' that
uses the JAVA or dotNET VM to launch a 'terminate and stay
resident' program fragment that maintains persistence between web
pages by program reloading. Web Memory is the basis for an Open Source
e-commerce front end that could reduce web congestion and simplify
online shopping.

If too many people use this technique, then it will not work for
anyone. Bandwidth for Web Memory is now protected by US Patent
6,636,863, granted to me on Oct. 21, 2003 - <STRONG>it appears to
describe Web Services as well as Web Memory, and could extend to
portions of the Internet</STRONG>.

A web-based operating system might be possible. I am releasing this
application of Web Memory also to Open Source.


* I filed for a US patent in September, 1999. There are years of
waiting before the US Patent and Trademark Office can even begin to
process an application - during this time, the ideas of my patent were
developed independently by the Internet community, as Web Services.

* I originally published in June of 2000 on javaboutique
( and
released the code for an e-commerce front end as Open Source.

* The article was mirrored on Linux Today

* On Oct. 21, 2003, after a lengthy process including a quality review
by a number of patent examiners, I was granted US Patent 6,636,863
based on this work (to read the text, go to and input the patent

* Web Memory is secure, client-based, user-specific memory, based in
the JAVA VM present in computers, cell phones, Palm Pilots and chips.
It works in dotNET as well. The bandwidth for this technique has been
protected by patent. Is the method useful to the Open Source community?

Lane Friesen
e-mail: lanefriesen (at)

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