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ANNOUNCE xidglets 1.4.0

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The xWidglets Community announces the release of xWidglets Studio version
1.4.0. (available for download). This version contains :
- "SGDK", the wysiwyg IDE to design XML UI applications,
- "Sgi Engine", the thin and rich XML client to run xWidglets applications

In a few weeks, the next version will provide main improvements like :
- standard java for glue code,
- new events manager and code editor (to avoid "spagheti code")
- complete image map toolkit
- xWps (xWidglets Printing Services ) for local printing

Main Improvements of xWidglets Studio version 1.4.0 are :
- java 1.5 compatibility for SGDK and SGI Engine
- vars and class memory persistency between windows
- access to web services with JAXM and JAXRPC
- dynamic property bar for windows and all widgets
- integration of Java BeanShell
- objects located in different windows can exchange messages with
- dynamic processing of Java libraries
- XML templates to create reusable users graphic components
- dynamic cache processing in Sgi Engine , that reduces significantly the
network bandwidth

Other improvements in SGDK
- new open project Windows
- multiple opening and closing of "Open Window" and "Delete Window" dialog
- native access to clipBoard and drag and drop
- undo available after deleting graphic components
- shortcuts normalization (as ctrl-s to save)
- copy/paste of graphic components between windows
- drag and drop

And also :
- 3D groupbox
- Transparent color GroupBox
- rollover images for button
- graphical canvas to draw charts or other stuff
- support of XML parsing with SAX, DOM, ...
- formatted input fields
- Gauge and Calendar Widgets

A new set of examples are available, including :
- how to add images in a listbox
- how to create dynamically swing objects
- how to identify events on xWidglets objects
- how to personalize a grid
- RSS viewer

pierre Dezon

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