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Newbie question - data collection driven by DTD/schema

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Hello comp.text.xml,

I'm *just* starting to learn XML and related friends, and I've had an
idea that I'd like to pursure, but an not sure if it's possible,
practical, been done before, etc. The idea is to have a data collection
application that was driven by a DTD or schema (or a collection of
them) - ie, I'd like to have a generic framework that would take a DTD,
and decide what the operator could enter, instead of having to code into
the application the structure of the data.

All the examples, tutorials, etc, that I've seen so far employ DTDs and
schemas to verify existing data once it's all entered. I'd like to turn
this on its head a little, and only ask for data that follows the

What do you think? I've tried to find out more before posting, but my
brief scans haven't revealed much.

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