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[ANN] Exchanger XML Editor 1.3 Released

Edwin Dankert
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Cladonia Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of
the Exchanger XML Editor V1.3

The Exchanger XML Editor is a Java-based XML Editor
that offers a broad spectrum of functionality to help
XML Authors, Business Analysts and Software Developers.

It features XML Schema, RelaxNG and DTD based editing,
tag prompting and validation, tree view and outliner
for tag free editing, XPath and regular expression
searches, schema conversion, XSLT, XQuey and XSLFO
transformations, comprehensive project management, SVG
viewer and conversion, easy SOAP invocations, and more.

New in this version is support for different look and feels
including the native Mac OS X Aqua look and feel, DTD
editing, catalog support and full RelaxNG and DTD based
tag completion.

For more information about this and other products:



- New Features
- Improvements
- Licenses
- Support
- Sales



* Multiple Look and Feels:
Support for the native Mac OS X
Aqua Look and Feel, the Windows
Look and Feel and Motif.

* DTD and RelaxNG Tag Completion:
Adds the availability of tag prompting
and element/attribute helpers for
DTDs and RelaxNG schemas.

* Catalogs:
Specify local versions of DTDs

* DTD Editing:
Including Syntax Highlighting and
automatic Tag Completion.


We currently offer 3 types of licenses:

* Evaluation License:

Evaluate the Exchanger XML Editor for
30 days, free of charge.

* Academic/Non-Profit License:

This license is available to anybody
using the Exchanger XML Editor for
Non-Profit purposes.

The price of a Non-Profit license is:
45 USD / 39 EURO / 29 GBP
[VAT Included]

* Permanent License:

The price of a Permanent license is:
98 USD / 85 EURO / 60 GBP
[VAT not Included for EU based clients.]

Upon purchase, we give you:

- Free online support,
- Free 1.x upgrades,
- Free upgrade to version 2.0.

For more information:

Please contact us for Academic Discounts
and Organisation Wide licenses: Removed)


For support and to extend your evaluation period
please contact us at:
(E-Mail Removed)


For sales related enquiries, please
contact us at:
(E-Mail Removed)


Cladonia Ltd.
Simplifying XML Development,

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