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Condition coding in XML Schema?

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I have an xml file that is validated through an xsd which is sent to
one of our customers. They translate it through xsl, validate it then
send it to another of their contractors. To clean up any errors that
might happen, we are changing our xsd to validate our data according
to the second xsd. However, as you can imagine, some of our xml is
significantly changed in the xsl.

My problem: I have a series of products that need to contain a
discount date, so I have made this:
xs:restriction base="xs:string"
xs:minLength value="1"
xs:maxLength value="12"

However, if the product is variable, it does not have a discount date
value, and therefore the min length can be 0, but only in this case...

Is there a way that I can fix my validation? Should I go back to the
stored procedure to fix this?
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