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X-Tract: Create a reformatted XLM file...

Its Just the Devil
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I have tried the online tutorials, but for some reason I am not seeing
the out files. I'm not getting any errors from X-Tract, but I'm also
not seeing any results from my .xst files.

Samples I am working with:
<!-- XML File to be reformatted 'almums_src.xml' -->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<RecordingTitle>two cents plus tax</RecordingTitle>
<RecordingLabel>Caroline Records</RecordingLabel>
<RecordingArtistName>Led Zppelin</RecordingArtistName>

<!-- a xst file to reformat above XML file 'DisplayAlbumInfo.xst' -->

<xst xmlns=""

<_data file="albums_src.xml" />
<_output file="AlbumInfo.xml">
<Album Artist="#\Albums\Row\RecordingArtistName#"
Recording="#\Albums\Row\RecordingName#" >
<ID >#\Albums\Row\RecordingID#"</ID >
<Label ReleaseYear="#\Albums\Row\YearReleased#">#\Albums\ Row\RecordingLabel#</Label>


command line: xtract DisplayAlbumInfo.xst album_src.xml
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