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Validator ignores my <xs:unique>

Ulf Heyder
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Hello everyone,

I want to add a unique constraint to a XSD I created.

After I modified validation (XMLSpy, Castor-0.9.5 marshaller) of my
example (see below) against the XSD (also see below) doesn't lead to
any errors/warnings.

I tried several different combinations for the <xs:selector> and

Does anyone have an idea what I do wrong?

Thanks, Ulf

--- UniqueTest.xsd ---------------------------------

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
xmlns:test="" elementFormDefault="qualified"
<!-- -->
<xs:element name="liste">
<xs:element name="objekt" type="testbjektType"
<xs:unique name="unq">
<xs:selector xpath="liste"/>
<xs:field xpath="objekt/@nummer"/>
<!-- -->
<xs:complexType name="objektType">
<xs:element name="beschreibung" type="xs:string"/>
<xs:element name="typ" type="xs:string"/>
<xs:attribute name="nummer" use="required">
<xs:restriction base="xs:integer">
<xs:minInclusive value="1"/>
<xs:maxInclusive value="9999"/>

--- UniqueTest.xml ---------------------------------

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- edited with XMLSPY v5 U ( by DAVID ibR (ibR
Ges. für Geoinformation mbH) -->
xsi:schemaLocation=" UniqueTest.xsd">
<objekt nummer="123">
<objekt nummer="123">
<objekt nummer="234">
<objekt nummer="345">
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Itay Zandbank
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> Hello everyone,
> I want to add a unique constraint to a XSD I created.
> Does anyone have an idea what I do wrong?

You need to fully qualify your XPath expression, like so:

<xs:unique name="unq">
<xs:selector xpath="test:liste"/>
<xs:field xpath="testbjekt/@nummer"/>

Hope this helps.
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