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Newbie-question: read a xml-config-file in c++ Builder 5 (Xerces)

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I currently have to write a program, that is intended to start other
applications, start an update check and shut down the computer if the
app requires so. I have to make it possible to use it either as
NT-Service or as a shell replacement.
Configuration - as the topic says - has to be made with a XML File

I have to use Borland C++ Builder 5 and Xerces for parsing...

As I have neither done win32 nor XML before and as I am on a tight
schedule, I'm encountering some problems... what do I have to do to
use the xml file

XML-File looks like this:

<process name = "MyApp-1"
application = "APP"
executable = "$(HOME)\bin\myapp.exe"
arguments = "$(HOME)\param\myapp-1.ini"
restartPolicy= "DontRestart" />
<process name = "MyApp-2"
application = "APP2"
executable = "$(HOME)\bin\myapp2.exe"
arguments = "$(HOME)\param\myapp-2.ini"
restartPolicy = "Restart"
restartPeriod = "10000"
restartThreshold= "30" />

other parameters are possible...

I'm completely lost on the win32-part and I'm nearly as completely
lost on the XML-part and I cannot catch up on both, so I hope to get
some help here :/

Thanks in advance
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