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is the w3c's schema for wsdl and wsdl/soap binding possibly buggy ? _clb_

Chris Bedford
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would be interested in the feedback of wsdl experts on this.

I think there are two bugs in the w3c's wsdl/soap schemas.

First, in section A 4.1 there is this element, with no closing tag:
<element ref="soap:headerfault">

Secondly, the schema for WSDL defines binding operations from the
type definition ->>>>

<complexType name="binding_operationType">
<extension base="wsdl:startWithExtensionsType">
<element name="input"

note that startWithExtensionsType is an *abstract type*.
This means when you try to create a document instance of a wsdl with a
soap binding and then try to validate it against this schema you get
an error because there is no 'instantiable' type for the wsdl:input

In xmlspy, when you validate against this schema
you get an error message along the lines of 'wsdl:input' is declared
as abstract-'true'; please use xsi:type to specify a derived type that
is not abstract or use a member of a substitution group instead.

I looked on the w3c site to see if there was a mailing list to report
potential bugs in this area, but could not find any. Maybe someone
from the w3c reads this list and can tell me if I'm on target or if
I've missed something?

thanks !
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