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Re: round two: XML vs DBMS

Rajya Sabha
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Aarron wrote:
> Earlier I posted the HTML vs XHTML thread ... now its time for round two
> Im hoping someone can help me clarify the roles XML and a DBMS would
> have in a website. I may have answered my own question in trying to
> think of a way to word this message, but Ill throw it all out anyway.
> Am I correct in assuming that you ideally want to use a database and XML
> together? Store the data in your database, and extract the information
> to an XML file to make it easy to publish on a website.

no. if you don't have specific reasons for introducing XML its just another
layer you've got to deal with.

> I guess the question is: Why would I want to write a script to extract
> an XML file when I could just as easily write a script to publish the
> information directly to the internet?

you wouldn't. PHP/MySQL or whatever combination you are familiar with will do
as well. Again: there are good reasons for introducing or utiliting XML, but
these rarely are related with web-design.

> I just learnt XML yesterday, so Im trying to rethink my thoughts on web
> site design. Things arn't adding up yet


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