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Re: xsl variable problem

A. Bolmarcich
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In article <(E-Mail Removed) >, Tom wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having problems creating a boolean variable that will tell me
> whether any sub-element contains a substring.
> the expression I am trying to use is:
> <xsl:variable name="test-output" select="contains(//value1, 'x2')"/>
> against this XML:
> <base>
> <value1>x1</value1>
> <value1>x2</value1>
> <value1>x3</value1>
> </base>
> I am always returned false which I find very confusing.
> Does anyone know how to do this?

To test if the value of any element value1 equals "x2" use

<xsl:variable name="test-output" select="//value1[.='x2']"/>

The value of the node set //value1 that the function contains uses
is the value of the first node of the node set, which is "x1" in
your example.
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