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RDF/XLink for linkage in XML Schema

Peter Saffrey
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Hi there. I'm a bit new to this, so apologies for the

I'm building an XML schema to describe biological modelling (I know
about CellML and SBML - the focus here is slightly different). I want
to include in various places tags that link to various types of
resources (with an instance document, across instance documents, to
other external files and web pages etc).

Both XLink and RDF have their own namespaces. If I include these name
spaces in the XML schema, can they then be referred to in an instance
document? Otherwise the linking mechanism needs to be declared a used
namespace for each instance document which seems a bit ugly. How do I
then declare in the XML schema where I want links to be used and what
kind of links they should be?

XLink and RDF seem to have very similar functionality. Is there an
obvious advantage of one over the other?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

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