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Xerces exception with entity resolver and nested XSDs

peter greaves
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hi everyone

i am having a bad time with an entity resolver. my application uses a
resolver to locally-cache the nested schemas that the basic xsd
includes to a local directory. however i am getting an exception when
the parser tries to parse one of the included xsds which it has
downloaded, because (as far as i can tell from the stack trace) it is
trying but failing to handle other included xsds. the exception is

at org.apache.xerces.validators.schema.TraverseSchema .traverseImport(
at org.apache.xerces.validators.schema.TraverseSchema .traverseIncludedSchema(
at org.apache.xerces.validators.schema.TraverseSchema .traverseInclude(
<.. stuff omitted for brevity ..>

basically my xsds are all located on a remote server - i want to cache
them locally while i parse a series of docs. so i have a top level
schema which *imports *another schema with a namespace:

<xs:import namespace=""

.... and this imported schema is downloaded. but i think the exception
occurs when the imported schema is parsed, and the parser sees this in

<xs:schema targetNamespace=""
elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified">
<xs:include schemaLocation="cc-rdf-documentTypes.xsd"/>
<xs:include schemaLocation="cc-rdf-industryTypes.xsd"/>
<xs:include schemaLocation="cc-rdf-languageTypes.xsd"/>
<xs:include schemaLocation="cc-rdf-countriesTypes.xsd"/>
<xs:include schemaLocation="cc-rdf-geographySimpleTypes.xsd"/>
<xs:include schemaLocation="cc-rdf-productTypes.xsd"/>

the entity resolver does not resolve and locally cache these files at
all, so i am guessing that it's in parsing cc-rdf.xsd that the
exception occurs. the first of these files has this as its header

<xs:schema xmlnss=""
xmlns="" elementFormDefault="qualified"

am wondering if some mismatch in namespaces is causing this but am not
sure. i can see that other included xsds are downloaded and parsed
fine. it seems that it is only the imported schema that fails. anyone
got any experience with this problem?

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