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I'm currently in charge of an internal network and creating the
intranet. I'm trying to use the web folders facticilty however I'm
having some problems. The code I'm using is as stated on the ms

A {behavior: url(#default#AnchorClick);}

<A HREF = ""
TARGET = "_top"

Open in Web Folder View

And this code works on the majority of the pc's. There are currently
about 50 pc's and it works on all but 2 of them. On the 2 that it
doesnt the normal web browsing layout is displayed instead of the
folder layout. As far as I can tell all the pc's are set up the same
with the same software installed and same windows updates. I've tried
resetting the default setting within Internet Explorer and change the
security levels without any success. If anyone has encountered this
problem or has any idea to the solution then their help will be very
much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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