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A Challenge: Call parent Javascript function from inside an iframe?

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Oh, by the way, Chris, being a dick to everyone who tries to help you isn't typically the way grown-ups get results. Vide: "your parents" for examples, inter alia.
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There is a security protection mechanism to prevent accessing of parent node from within iframe or frames in general when the domain name of frame is different from its parent document.

IE and mozilla deal with the DOM structure differently.

You cannot directly access parent node. you need to access frame owner and from there, access jsvascript function you are looking for.

Unfortunately, I have forgotten how I did access frame owner few months back. As soon as I remember it, I'll post the solution.

Originally Posted by Jonathan N. Little View Post
Chris Ianson wrote:
> "Jonathan N. Little" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:443406c6$0$3703$(E-Mail Removed).. .
>> Sorry this IS how you reference a function in the parent frame. If it does
>> not work for you then you must be and error of how you are using the
>> function. Without URL only speculation.

> Are you familiar with Google Maps API Jonathan? I have been working with an
> expert in the field and neither of us can get it to work. If you are more
> of an expert with the API then we can talk further.

I am familiar with web design, and JavaScript. That is how you reference
a JavaScript function in a non-named parent frame.

No Details
No Code.

What do you want?

Take care,

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hello chris, just wanna ask if you have solved this problem? because im facing the same dilemma recently and i just cant find a way how to call a function from a parent page. ive tried 'parent.function()' and 'top.function()' but none worked. i badly need your help, im also using google maps api.
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